As one of my two research agendas involves improving the tools we use to study peace and conflict, a good deal of my time is spent using statistical software. Below you’ll find some of the code that I’ve written to save time on tasks that I find myself doing over and over again. I hope it can help save you time as well!


Convenience functions that I’ve written to address issues I frequently confront in my work can be found at my GitHub as an R package (pull requests welcome!). They include:

  • Regression tables, coefficient plots, and marginal effects plots for Bayeisan models
  • Managing multiple different projections for cross-national spatial data
  • Correcting for overlapping polygons when aggregating raster data to polygons

Other Resources

I also have a number of other software resources focused on making computation and academic life easier:

  • The template I use for my academic job market materials
    • Fill in school/position information in one file and it populates to all statements
    • Generate summary statistics from teaching evaluations and integrate into statements
    • Combine multiple teaching evaluations into a single portfolio document
    • Do all of this programmatically with GNU Make!
  • Functions for extracting still frames from videos and information from images in Python using OpenCV
  • Compiling OpenCV from source for Anaconda virtual environments instead of Homebrew ones or system Python installations
  • Configuring Emacs to use X11 forwarding on Mac OS if you frequently work with remote connections such as high performance computing clusters